IPE Wood Decking

An IPE wooden deck. Photo ©Max Zaluska

IPE is among the highest quality wood in the world, so it makes perfect sense to use it outdoors especially in wooden decking. IPE, or “Ipê”, is a common name for the Tabebuia genus of trees, typically grown in Brazil and the South America region. IPE wood is renowned for its strength, durability, and resistance to mold, fungi, and insects such as termites. It is among the hardest and strongest of woods, with up to 6 times the hardness (3,600 lbs) and twice the bending strength (22,560 psi) of other decking woods. Not only that, but it looks absolutely spectacular. As an exotic hardwood, it does not contain unsightly knots like other cheaper quality woods. IPE wooden decking can last decades with no maintenance or preservatives (although the rich brown color will be stripped from the wood, the strength and durability will not be impacted). IPE wood is very heavy and dense, and picking up decking planks can almost feel like you’re picking up steel beams! This is a testament to the quality of this wood, and no other decking material can come even close to matching it.

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